Thursday, April  2, 2020

I have chatted with several of our congregation this week and learned that the present crisis has not caused them to lose hope.  Instead, they have called others to offer help and assurance.  One reported that the next door neighbor mowed his lawn and washed his car for him.

On the first Palm Sunday Jesus took action, and the crowds on Jerusalem’s streets acted with enthusiasm.

Two frogs fell into a deep cream bowl,
One was an optimistic soul;
But the other took the gloomy view,
“I shall drown,” he cried, “and so will you.”
So with a last despairing cry,
He closed his eyes and said, “Good-bye.”
But the other frog, with a merry grin,
Said, “I can’t get out, but I won’t give in!
I’ll swim around till my strength is spent.
For having tried, I’ll die content,”
Bravely he swam until it would seem
His struggles began to churn the cream.
On the top of the butter at last he stopped.
And out of the bowl he happily hopped.
What is the moral?  It’s easily found.
If you can’t get out — keep swimming around!

If you are physically able to do more than lie in a bed or sit in a chair — Be active!

God bless and give you hope and strength for these days.

–Pastor John

  • April 2, 2020