Good Friday, April 10, 2020

We have experienced some dark days these last weeks because of a virus which is so little known and so contagious that it has struck fear in the hearts of millions in America and around the world. I believe we ought to heed the warnings of our medical and governmental leaders and maintain the social distancing, the scrubbing and the use of protective garb they have asked of us.

That first Good Friday is well named the darkest day in human history.  Jesus came to this world to offer love, forgiveness and everlasting life. He was robbed that day of justice and a fair trial; he was humiliated, cruelly beaten and nailed to a cross.  He was deserted by his disciples and mocked by those who hated Him.

And even while dying from the beating which shredded His bare back and from the torture of hanging on a cross from the nails in His hands, Jesus was still doing the work He came to earth to do.  From the cross He made arrangements for the care of His mother in her age and He welcomed a dying thief into fellowship and everlasting life.  He died with such grace that a hardened Roman soldier became a believer.

No one spoke a good word for Jesus when this mock trial occurred.  Peter who had claimed they would have to go through him to get to Jesus, denied Him three times in the early hours of Good Friday.

How do we know about Peter’s denial?  Obviously, it became a key part of his preaching, for no one else could have known about it.  He must have told the story and then added –“I did it, and this man Jesus never stopped loving me and trusted me to build the Church.”

So I am glad to tell you that Jesus is still like that.  His love always runs out to you and me.  When we turn to Him, He forgives our sins and welcomes us to the family of God as though we had never been away.

May our Lord and Savior shelter you in His loving care as we face some dark days.  It’s Friday but Sunday is coming.

–Pastor John

  • April 10, 2020