One of the reasons why people will go to any source for a hint of what lies ahead is because we are bombarded with decisions on a daily basis. Eric Klinger of the University of Minnesota conducted a research study that revealed that in today’s world the average person makes at least 300 decisions a day; as it is, many people make in the neighborhood of 15,000 decisions every day! The world has become so complicated that decisions are thrust upon us more than ever before. It’s no wonder people are looking for guidance.
Ronald Reagan once told a story about a decision he was asked to make as a boy. He said that his father once sent him to the cobbler to get shoes, and when he got there the shoemaker asked him, “Do you want a square toe or a round toe?” Reagan told the man that he didn’t know for sure whether he wanted square toes or round toes, but that he’d think about it and come back.
A few days later the cobbler saw him on the street where he lived and asked Reagan the same question. Again, the young Ronald said that he still didn’t know. A few weeks later, he went to pick up his shoes and found that one shoe was round-toed and the other was square-toed. And Ronald Reagan said that every time he looked at his shoes he was reminded of the fact that if you don’t make decisions for yourself, somebody else will make them for you. And he was telling the absolute truth.

Let’s use The Truth, The Authority, The Holy Word from God to make our decisions. Live Decisive…

  • January 27, 2021