History is being eliminated all over this country, even in our schools.
This new Youtube channel from ACLJ (American Center for Law and Justice) is launching this channel so kids can learn history in a fun way about our Country without political bias but with the values that we hold true and dear

 “the future guardians of the Liberties of this Country”
George Washington

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Theme: God’s Comfort

Bible Text: The Lord will wipe away every tear from every face (Isaiah 25:8)

Preparation: You’ll need an eyedropper and a small bowl of saltwater


The Message:

Do you ever cry? What makes you cry? When do you cry? (Let Children respond)

I know I cry. Sometimes I cry at a das movie or when I’m leaving someone I love. I also cry if I hurt myself of if someone hurts my feelings.

People cry for many different reasons. If we get something in our eye, tears wash it away. If we’re hurt or sad, tears help ease the pain. If we miss something or someone, sometimes crying helps us feel better.

Jesus cried when he was sad, and He comforted His friends when they were sad. Tears are good for us, and we can cry when we’re sad because we know God will take away our tears.

Listen to what the Bible says. (Read the text). When the people of Israel were far from their homes, they cried because they missed their country and their families. But God promised that they’d soon go home. Then they’d be happy again. God would wipe the tears away.

God wants us to be happy. That’s why He sent Jesus to die on the cross for us. But God also knows there are things that make us sad. When we’re sad, tears can help ease the pain. Don’t be afraid to cry. Even Jesus cried. But remember, God will always be there to wipe the tears away.

I would like to give each one of you a tear today. Not a real tear, but a reminder that God will wipe your tears away.

As the children leave, place a saltwater “tear” on each child’s cheek with the eyedropper.

JP Brown



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