Encourage others through our life experiences…

There is always two layers to our story; what we see and what God is doing

It’s the pain that saves our life

God loves us too much to take away our pain, but at any other time, but the right time, and by any other way than the right way

Even if I cannot see God, He is working

When there is nothing left in the tank, our heart begins to open up, to God and others

Trust God’s timing

We have seen God work in the past,
so why cannot we trust Him now

Gen 50:20

Romans 8:28

We have been wounded, but we need to have the courage to keep going, because God is working

Temptation, deception, accusation

Disappointments lead the enemy to temp us

Stare at the temptation and we will be deceived

The accuser will tell us we will never be good enough so we will not have a testimony

Listen to those that pray for you, and keep them close. There will always be dissenters

Let our story unfold and look for the Hand of God in it

Go slow and let God work

It’s hard to plan for the future when the day is not settled

Trust is built with time and believable behavior

God won’t scold for asking why, but we need to ask what?

We will never understand the why, but we will find our answers in others testimony

Our God is good at being God, give it to Him

We don’t have to carry the weight, Let those that Love us, help us

Help others find hope in their story…

  • December 21, 2020